Tuesday, September 29, 2009


These are my published books...

Shadows of the Past
Amber Midnight is dissatisfied…

Though modeling brings her fame and fortune, it also steals her privacy and freedom—and makes her a stalker’s prey. Amber is intent on burying the past while building a future as a writer.

Jay Wilder is comfortable…

As Jay finally realizes his dream of teaching theology, now is not the time for finding love; it is the least of his concerns. However, when he meets Amber he is drawn to her like no woman he has ever known. He finds himself pursuing her even as he tries to distance himself from her.

But all is not safe in paradise…

Amber’s dreams are coming true. Her career has taken off, her relationship with Jay is blossoming, but her storybook ending is not to be. The stalker resurfaces and she finds herself running for her life. She fears this will separate her from Jay forever. Then again, perhaps it will draw her closer to God.

Cost $12.99. Available from the author.

Hot Chocolate

Drop into the Common Ground for a cup of intrigue and Hot Chocolate!

After Cocoa Tanner’s husband is murdered, she moves from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan to be near her family. Determined to rely only on herself, and not on God, Cocoa is finally starting to make her dreams come true. The grand opening of her coffee shop, Common Ground, arrives and business is even better than expected. Now she’ll be able to provide for herself and her three-year-old daughter, Brianna.

Bill James lost his wife and twins in a car accident. The only way Bill can cope with his grief is by immersing himself completely in his career. He has turned away from God and is growing more distant from the sole surviving member of his family, his three-year-old daughter, Ashley. But from the second Bill steps into Common Ground, he finds himself enamored with its bubbly owner. At Cocoa’s invitation he even finds himself back in church, a place he never thought he’d be.

A series of frightening events soon proves that someone is watching Cocoa’s every move. When she disappears, Bill finds himself helpless, unable to do anything but pray. Bill’s renewed faith is put to the test and may or may not be strong enough to survive losing another love. And Cocoa must discover if it’s possible to trust God, even with her life.

Cost $12.99 – available from the author

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