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Available in large print!

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Monday, December 2, 2019

The Amish Wedding Promise -- now available!

The Amish Wedding Promise  Book 1

A line of severe thunderstorms moved through the region during the overnight/early morning hours. Widespread straight-line wind damage resulted across much of northern Indiana and southwest lower Michigan before the storms weakened over northwest Ohio. Eleven tornadoes have been confirmed with straight-line wind damage determined to be the cause in other locations across northern Indiana and southwest lower Michigan.

Grace Lantz’s wedding was planned and everything was ready when a series of strong storms whipped across Northern Indiana, taking out trees and downing power-lines, dismantling barns and houses and leaving chaos and destruction in its wake. With the Lantz’s barn gone and all hands needed for cleanup, the wedding has to be postponed. Grace’s special sister, Patience, isn’t living up to her name with all the havoc, and Grace isn’t sure where to begin helping. Especially when Grace’s groom has disappeared. Does she console her sister, deliver food to all the needy and the workers, look for her missing groom, or grab a chainsaw and start removing trees from across roads, driveways and homes so emergency crews can get in? Or maybe all of the above?

Amish and English respond from miles around, and desperate to make a difference, Ezekiel Bontrager joins the volunteers from his district and travels to Shipshewana to help with the worst of the damage. When Zeke happens upon a disheveled Amish woman wielding a chainsaw, while a wailing woman and a picnic basket of sandwiches wait in the nearby buggy, sparks fly. When the chainsaw is safely turned off and put away, he learns she is trying to distract her sister and find her groom. Zeke agrees to help.

As Zeke and Grace spend time working together, it seems as if a cold-footed groom took advantage of the commotion and bolted. By the time the world begins to resume some semblance of order, the groom is found. And Grace must decide if the wedding will go on.   

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Thanksgiving Week promo

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Now available: Married to a Stranger


Married to a Stranger Blurb 

He’s desperate for help. She longs to escape. Love wasn’t an option.

After her father accuses a stranger of dishonoring her, Bethel Eicher finds herself promised in marriage to him, a man she’d never met. Not exactly what Bethel has dreamed of, but since she spent several years caring for her handicapped mother, the good guys were all taken and she’s considered an old maid at twenty-five. The alternative to marrying an unknown man is a steady barrage of older widowers and none of them appeal. Rather than fight for the truth and risk embarrassing/humiliating her father, this marriage might be the perfect escape from a life of forever loneliness and from being a permanent caregiver/ glorified housekeeper.

When newly-called Preacher Gideon Kaiser learns he’s been accused of a dishonorable act toward an Amish woman, he is horrified and the community is thrown into a tizzy. A young widower whose wife died in childbirth, Gideon is practical enough to realize the necessity of eventually having another woman in his life. While he lives with his parents, his mother suffers from multiple sclerosis, and he has an infant. With Bethel to manage the household and care for their family, Gideon and his father would be able to run the Amish grocery store and deliver messages of hope to the Amish in the small district, still reeling from a catastrophic fire. But marry a woman he’s never met? One he doesn’t love? The very thought strikes him as being unfaithful to his late wife. Still, he needs her. Plus he needs his good name cleared for the sake of his ministry, so he does the honorable thing and agrees to marry her.

After Gideon submits to the demands based on blackmail and pushes Bethel into a position as a glorified nurse-maid, how can they possibly make a marriage work? When love is as hidden as the ground buried under snow, can they ever see past their forced beginning? When the truth behind the accusations is revealed, it threatens to destroy the growing bond between these two former-strangers.


Look what's FREE today, y'all! 😀 @Laura_V_Hilton @RachelJGood1 @maryalford13 #Amishfiction